ICM 4.0

MP Filtri’s ICM 4.0 Inline Contamination Monitor adds full wifi connectivity to its market-leading feature set, accuracy and repeatability. A 24/7 real-time monitoring and critical early warning system, the ICM 4.0 delivers the ultimate in hydraulic health checks - with all data accessible via a sophisticated software suite and an innovative new mobile phone app.


  • Outstanding connectivity utilizing the latest WiFi technology
  • Live real-time monitoring
  • Complete eight-channel measurement and display
  • Predictive maintenance technology
  • Data logging and 4000 internal test memory
  • Live trend analysis option
  • Ideal for hydraulic, lubrication, and subsea fluids
  • Measures and displays a variety of international standard formats
  • Manual, automatic and remote control flexibility
  • Multicolor indicators via LCD (K versions) and LED with output alarm signals
  • Non-WiFi Connections also available as standard. Modbus, Canbus, 4-20mA signal and switched alarm relay outputs

LED based light extinction automatic optical particle counter
Particle Sizing
>4, >6, >14, >21, >25, >38, >50, >70 μm(c)
Analysis Range
ISO 4406: Code 0 to 24
NAS 1638 Class 00 to 12 AS4059/ISO11218 Rev E, Table 1 Size Codes 2-12
AS4059/GJB420B Rev E, Table 2 Size Codes A-F 000-12*
AS4059 Rev F, Table 1 Size Codes 2-12
AS4059 Rev F, Table 2 Size Codes, cpc[000 to 12]*
(Lower limits test dependent)
± 1/2 code for 4, 6, 14μm(c) ± 1 code for larger sizes
Individually calibrated with ISO Medium Test Dust (MTD) based on ISO 11171, on equipment certified by I.F.T.S. ISO 11943
Viscosity Range
Up to 1000cSt
Fluid Temperature
Minimum: -25°C / -13°F
Maximum: +80°C / +176°F
Ambient Temperature
Minimum: 0.5 bar / 7 PSI
Maximum: 420 bar / 6091 PSI
Sample Volume
Adjustable 10 - 3600 seconds. Factory set to 120 seconds. Start delay & programmable test intervals available as standard
Data Storage
Up to 4000 tests
Environmental Protection
IP 64 versatile IK04 Impact Protection
Voltage 9-36V DC
1.6 kg / 3.85lbs
Product Dimensions
Width: 123mm / 4.8”
Height: 142mm / 5.6”
Depth: 65mm / 2.6”
CMP View-Software - Quick-start Guide
ICM 4.0 Use and maintenance manual
LPA View Software Use and maintenance manual
Set-up guide: wifi Installation for ICM
Contamination Control Solutions
ICM 4.0 Inline APC
CMP View Software
WIND brochure
Product range
Contamination Control Solutions
ICM4.0 compact portable APC - WiFi integrated
IPC 2.0 Firmware Installer V3.48
LPA View: 5.101