June 15, 2022
A new machine has recently joined our R&D centre at HQ: a new test bench dedicated to the recalibration of contamination monitoring devices.
Why is recalibration of a particle counter necessary?

MP Filtri particle counters work with light beam extinction technology; solid contaminant particles in the oil are counted and classified by size based on the electrical signal detected by the light photo-receptor which recognises them as shadows.
The Recalibration verifies and realigns the operation of the photo-receptor; the new test bench has the function of maintaining the test liquid, an oil with verified characteristics, in a constant condition of calibrated contamination; the size and quantity of particles of this suspension are known.

MP Filtri's recalibration software automatically adjusts the electronic counting system to the target value if necessary. 
The combined test bench + software system also performs diagnostics of all instrument operating characteristics and, where applicable, indicates which parts or components need to be replaced. 

This efficient system also allows a customer to return and receive their instrument without losing their own settings. 
The recalibration service is carried out within a week. Each customer can personally book the service online, via the "Tools - Recalibration Service" section.

Instrument recalibration is carried out according to ISO 11171 and the test bench is certified according to ISO 11943.  

Once all checks have been completed, customers are issued a calibration certificate, which is and renewed warranty valid for one year, confirming the product is calibrated and functioning to specification.