July 7, 2021
Easy, quick, and intuitive to use are the features that best describe MP Filtri`s selection software. On the market for 10 years now, this software can be considered new and renewed both graphically and functionally thanks to some revision and reorganization. Made available to customers on the MP Filtri website, the program offers a general overview of the product range, without having to consult the catalog. The customer is guided through sequential steps to obtain an automatic and specific selection of the  product search. 
When the search involves filters, it is necessary to enter required  application data such as system pressure , flow rate, operating temperature, oil type and viscosity thus obtaining filter sizing calculation results. 
To search for  hydraulic pump drive components, simply enter the manufacturer and pump type series, pump code frame size, and electric motor data for shaft couplings, spider and bellhousing results. 
Despite transitioning from "legacy-format" to “modern-format”, both selection software versions provide a summary report of the selected product together with technical data and dimensional drawings. 
These digital services help MP Filtri`s customers to find the information they are looking for in a few steps, in a short time and with full autonomy.