September 17, 2019
Solid particles in hydraulic fluids are known to be the cause of 80% of damage in hydraulic systems. In this sense, the new LPA3 particle counter developed by MP Filtri is a highly innovative solution that operators can use to perform a quick, accurate and comprehensive check of the oil’s operating condition, obtaining more reliable and precise results. 
A state-of-the-art portable laboratory which, by virtue of its numerous advanced functions and its extremely ergonomic, compact and lightweight design, is a true ally in the field that can consistently meet efficiency standards, even in critical work environments.

Thanks to the significant technological innovations that have been added, the LPA3 can automatically measure, report and display the solid particle contamination, humidity level, pressure and temperature of the system so that the appropriate maintenance procedures can be promptly initiated before failures occur. This offers numerous advantages: a considerable reduction in machine downtime, a significant reduction in costs and longer life of components, ensuring a more uninterrupted operation. 
The distinctive elements of this new portable particle counter are: 

Color touch screen interface 
the high degree of programming sampling volumes (10 ml to 100ml of sample in just one minute);
the number of tests that can be performed simultaneously 
greater versatility of use 
the wide range of reporting formats, to satisfy any required standard 
the ability to download processed data through the USB connection, or to instantly print the data through the use of an optional integral thermal printer. 

Finally, it’s extremely easy to use, even for less experienced operators who can perform its functions with one simple touch of the fully programmable 10” high resolution color touch-screen display.