Now more than ever, the publics growing sensitivity towards eco-friendly issues, together with new standards such as the TIER 5 regulations, require manufacturers of agricultural and mobile machinery to make different choices, favoring components that can meet the desired technical performance but which are also more environmentally friendly.
Elixir® was created to better satisfy this need: the new filter developed by MP Filtri with in-line connections for low pressure hydraulic systems with a working pressure of up to 232 PSI. An alternative and better performing solution than Spin-On filters, it is truly revolutionary in terms of design and reliability, aimed at improving the “longevity” of earth-moving and agricultural machines while respecting the ecosystem.
Compared to previous models which required that the internal metal bowl, metal flange, gaskets and residual oil be removed, the new EliXir® filters allow users to remove just the FEX filtering element inside the filter itself, making maintenance and disposal easier, faster and more eco-sustainable.
Available in three versions and four different sizes, the EliXir® range has been completely redesigned down to the smallest detail, to ensure top performance. The new connections between the filter body and the filtering element and between the filter body and the bowl improve the
sealing system and provide better durability over time. Finally, the use of aluminum to create the head and reinforced nylon to make the bowl have reduced the total weight of this new product by at least 10% compared to previous Spin-On filters.
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