December 3, 2020
The new MP Filtri website is online with many new features. Designed to be the company`s digital business card, it offers simple and intuitive navigation. Thanks to a clear and orderly structure, users can easily find their way around the pages of the new website and find all the information they are looking for. Another fundamental aspect was a responsive layout, which made the new website accessible not only from desktop but also from mobile devices. Depending on the size of the screen, the information is automatically repositioned, and the user can move with ease on the institutional pages and pages reserved for products.
Various functionalities have also been updated or created from scratch to make the product selection software, 3D design catalog, and contamination monitor recalibration, scheduling service more complete and user friendly.
The care of the functional component has not gone to the detriment of aesthetics. The graphics of the new website highlight the colors of MP Filtri and make the most of the images and text. The contents have been revised, updated, and made more pleasant to consult. In addition, the photos have been selected to bring the user closer to the corporate reality.
Launching of the new website is part of a much broader path that involves all the communication of MP Filtri. In addition to the restyling of various communication tools, work is being done to transform the company profile and the corporate social networks into a strategic bridge to connect the company to its target audience.