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Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


Our mission is to stand out as an elite global partner in the design and production of complete solutions, ensuring excellence in the continuity of operation of hydraulic systems.

There are three strategic guidelines: exploration, preparation and determination.

Exploring means to look around, for the purpose of anticipating market trends and seizing each new opportunity. In order to do this, it is essential to be truly prepared: unplanned improvisation is not allowed. Finally, we are committed to continuous innovation, combining high performances in terms of speed of response with a unique ability to develop new products and customise large production volumes.


The essence of MP Filtri is embodied in its claim “Passion to perform”, which fully expresses the ideals of the Company and the foundation of its positioning: an entrepreneurial business which continuously strives towards excellence, where the ability to innovate, while remaining loyal to its own identity, represents the strategic asset of the Company.

A way of being, thinking, producing and living, improving on every single activity, in order to best satisfy the needs of Clients and Partners, always rewarding their trust.

Energy, innovation potential, open-mindedness and the strictest ethics: the success of the Group is also the expression of the strength of the passion that inspires its people every day.